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Andrew Bynum knee injection is 'routine'

The injections Andrew Bynum will be having in his knees are apparently routine, and he has been having them done for several years. They are not believed to alter his timetable for return from a different knee procedure he underwent in September.

Howard Smith-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

There was some obvious concern over the fact that Andrew Bynum would be receiving injections into his knees, but the injections are apparently routine rather than related to complications from a procedure he had on his knee in September.

Bynum has apparently been receiving injections of Synvisc-One, a treatment meant to prevent his knees from arthritic conditions, for several years. The injections have been planned for some time, and are not due to the Orthokine knee therapy Bynum traveled to Germany to have performed this September. He is apparently planned to have a similar injection around the all-star break.

Bynum is currently sitting out due to the Orthokine procedure in hopes of maximizing its effects on his knees. Doug Collins said that if the regular season were ongoing, Bynum would be playing, but that since its merely preseason, he will rest the knee. The injections and procedure are not supposed to change his plans to begin practicing in about a week and be ready for the team's season opener Oct. 31.