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Andrew Bynum injury: 76ers hope for Oct. 24 return

The Philadelphia 76ers CEO insisted that various issues with Andrew Bynum's knee were unrelated to offseason procedure and that his timetable for a return is still on schedule.

Howard Smith-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

The Philadelphia 76ers insist that Andrew Bynum's knee is in good shape, and that the offseason acquisition will be able to begin practicing Oct. 24 and play in the team's season opener.

The team's CEO, Adam Aron, took to Twitter Monday night to dispel what he felt were false rumors about the status of Bynum's knee. The center has been resting to maximize the effects of an Orthokine treatment in Germany in September, but Aron wanted to make it clear that he did not undergo surgery -- just injections. Meanwhile, another set of injections Bynum is having are completely routine measures to prevent arthritis and are not cause for a delay in his return to practice. The hold-up that is keeping Bynum from practicing is apparently a bone bruise completely unrelated to the various procedures.

The team expects Bynum to begin practicing Oct. 24 and be healthy for the team's opener a week later. Doug Collins went so far to say that if the season were happening now, Bynum would play rather than rest his knee. It appears Bynum's various knee issues are minor and are not a cause for serious concern.

This story originally appeared at SB Nation.