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With Andrew Bynum in fold, Sixers preparing to play two styles

After nabbing Andrew Bynum in the offseason, the 76ers are getting ready to roll out two different styles of play depending on personnel.


The Philadelphia 76ers added Andrew Bynum in the offseason, and while the center prepares for his return to the court after rehabbing a knee injury, head coach Doug Collins is implementing two different styles of play for his team to best utilize whoever is on the floor at a given time.

In a report by Marc Narducci of on Friday, Collins discussed Philadelphia's need to strike the right balance between an up-and-down transition team and a plodding, post-oritented half-court attack.

"When the Lakers were Show Time, they pushed the ball, and they had Kareem [Abdul-Jabbar]," Collins said in the report. "But when they got to half-court they went through Kareem.

"We don't want to, just because Andrew comes back, be a half-court team. We want to continue to push the ball."

Collins also noted that as Bynum -- who has been sidelined in training camp with the knee injury -- adjusts himself to his new team and offense, the half-court game could remain in development but once he's acclimated, Bynum figures to be the focal point of the offense.