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Coach Collins adjusts 76ers offense to accomodate 3-point shooters

Doug Collins is now in his third season as Philadelphia's head coach. In 1973, the 76ers selected him with the first overall pick in the NBA Draft.

Douglas Jones-US PRESSWIRE

Philadelphia 76ers coach Doug Collins has had to modify his team's offensive outlook. For the first two years under Collins, Philadelphia was primarily a transition team. They used their speedy players to score on fast breaks. But things are different now that the team has acquired outside shooters like Nick Young, Jason Richardson and Dorell Wright.

Bob Cooney of breaks down this transformation in greater detail, but here's a sample:

"When the team acquired Nick Young, Jason Richardson and Dorell Wright, the whole philosophy of scoring had to change. Now in charge of a roster with a plethora of outside shooters, Collins is adjusting to playing a style that fits their games and, pardon the phrase, puts his players in the best position.

In the team's four preseason games the team has made 34 of 72 (47.2 percent) from beyond the arc and has been able to get long open shots in a variety of ways."