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Andrew Bynum injury: 76ers should 'think big picture'

Philadelphia 76ers center Andrew Bynum has taken another step back in his rehab process. Should the team be more patient?


The Philadelphia 76ers announced on Wednesday that star center Andrew Bynum had experienced discomfort in his knee during practice and that he was no longer cleared to practice. Team general manager Tony DiLeo would go on to say that Bynum will remain sidelined until he is pain free, which equates to an indefinite time table.

Despite practicing for a few moments on Wednesday, Bynum has not participated in practice with his new team and has yet to appear in a preseason game. As of this time, DiLeo could not say whether the 24-year-old will be available for the season opener against the Denver Nuggets on Oct. 31. Bynum, however, left the door open that it was still a possibility.

Considering how crucial Bynum is to the long-term success of the Sixers, Michael Levin of Liberty Ballers has stated that he thinks the team should be patient with their star's ailing knee:

In terms of the big picture, I stand by my argument from 8 days ago where I preached patience with his knee injury. If he has to miss games, he has to miss games. As much as I want to see him out there owning faces and dropping three-bombs from the top of the key, we have to train ourselves to think big picture. We have a potential star. It would not be wise to risk further injury just to have him for show-and-tell on Opening Night.