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2012 NBA standings: Knicks remain atop Atlantic Division, Sixers in second

The 76ers are currently in second place behind the New York Knicks in the Atlantic Division.


With their fourth-consecutive win on Friday, the New York Knicks kept their spot atop the Atlantic Division. At 4-0, the Knicks have not had a season start this well in over a decade. They are the only undefeated team left in the NBA.

The Philadelphia 76ers notched their second-straight win on Friday, moving them to 3-2 on the year. Both of their losses came at the hands of the Knicks.

The Brooklyn Nets are 2-2 this season, following a blowout victory over the Orlando Magic.

The Boston Celtics dropped to 2-3 on the year when they fell to the 76ers. Boston's only two wins this year have come against the Washington Wizards (0-4). Last year, the Celtics won the Atlantic Division by three games.

The Toronto Raptors are in last place with a 1-4 record. The Raptors have not had a winning season since 2006.

Around the Eastern Conference, the Milwaukee Bucks (3-1) currently lead in the Central, and the Miami Heat (5-1) are ahead in the Southeast.