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2012 NBA power rankings: Sixers surviving without Bynum

The Philadelphia 76ers continue to play above .500 basketball as the bad news about Andrew Bynum keeps coming.


As more and more bad news rolls in about Andrew Bynum, the Philadelphia 76ers are still 6-4 and clearly in the top half of the league. As to exactly where they should be ranked, various NBA power rankings have a difference of opinion.

In Seth Rosenthal's power rankings at SB Nation the Sixers come in at No. 9, which is similar to where most power rankings have them placed. Kurt Helin of Pro Basketball Talk also has the Sixers ranked ninth. Philly is the No. 11 team at in John Schuhmann's rankings. At Fox Sports, they come in at No. 10 in Sam Amico's rankings. Only Marc Stein at ESPN has a markedly different opinion. At ESPN, the 76ers are ranked No. 15, thanks in large part to the most recent bad news about Bynum's knee.

Overall that gives the Sixers an average power ranking of 10.8. They have two games they should win to start their week against the Raptors and Cavs before taking on the Thunder on Saturday.