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2012 NBA power rankings: 76ers 17th after 1-1 start

After opening the season 1-1, the Philadelphia 76ers checked in at No. 17 in the latest NBA power rankings.

Joe Camporeale-US PRESSWIRE

The 2012-13 NBA regular season has just begun, but with the schedule entering its second week, new NBA power rankings were released on Monday.

The Philadelphia 76ers checked in at No. 17 in SB Nation's Week 2 power rankings, a four-spot drop from where Philadelphia opened at in SB Nation's preseason power rankings. While the four spot decline seems to indicate a poor start for the 76ers, its likely more a product of ranking teams after so few games.

Most teams have played three games or less, so it's nearly impossible to know who is good and who isn't at this point in the season. Seth Rosenthal, who wrote the rankings, admitted as much, saying it will take a few more weeks of games to sort out.

Here is what Rosenthal wrote about the 76ers:

The defense looked terrific against the Nuggets, but it's going to be unclear from one game to the next where the points are coming from without Andrew Bynum out there. Doug Collins has a lot of shooters and cutters who work nicely as satellites, but without anybody around which they can orbit, it's kinda like "okay hey why don't I shoot now oh wait did you wanna shoot oh okay Nick Young will shoot go for it Nick."

If the 76ers want to move up in next week's rankings, they will have to play well on the road, as three of Philadelphia's four games this week are away from home.