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NBA power rankings 2012: Sixers struggling to start season

The Philadelphia 76ers are slipping in the NBA power rankings after one week as they wait for the return of Andrew Bynum.


The Philadelphia 76ers won their season opener without the Denver Nuggets, but have since struggled without Andrew Bynum in the lineup. As a result the Sixers have started to slip in various NBA power rankings around the web.

In Seth Rosenthal's power rankings at SB Nation, the Sixers come in at No. 17 and Rosenthal says, "it's going to be unclear from one game to the next where the points are coming form without Andrew Bynum out there."

The fact Philadelphia is without Bynum is a hot topic with the rest of the power rankings as well and is hurting the Sixers ranking. At ESPN, Marc Stein ranks the 76ers at No. 18. John Schuhmann of ranks the Sixers No. 19. Philadelphia receives their highest ranking from Kurt Helin of Pro Basketball Talk, who has them ranked 12th. They receive their lowest ranking from Matt Moore of CBS Sports, who puts the Sixers at No. 22. It's worth noting that the CBS Sports rankings are the only ones to come out after Philadelphia's Monday night loss to the Knicks.

Overall the Sixers have an average ranking of 17.6.