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Allen Iverson Broke: Former MVP Spent More Than $154 Million In Career Earnings, According To Report

Allen Iverson has spent more than $154 million of career earnings and is now in debt.

A Georgia judge has ordered former Philadelphia 76ers guard Allen Iverson to pay a jeweler $860,000, but the one-time NBA MVP -- who made more than $154 million during his career via salary alone -- cannot afford the sum and, according to a Philadelphia Inquirer report, is broke.

Iverson's bank account has been commandeered and whatever money he earns in the future will be garnished until his debt has been repaid. That poses a problem for Iverson, who has been out of work for the past year. Reports have recently surfaced that there has been some Iverson interest overseas, and the Lakers were reportedly intrigued by the possibility of signing Iverson as long as he would agree to a short stint in the D-League first. But nothing is imminent and teams -- even those overseas -- are hesitant to sign the combustible and not-what-he-used-to-be guard.

SB Nation's Bomani Jones writes that Iverson has lost almost everything he had in this world and seems ill-prepared to conquer his next challenges.

And he needed to see, clearly, that he was losing basketball, which was the linchpin that held together everything he had.

Now, it's gone. So are his wife and family and, apparently, much of his money. He's no longer a star, not even at the Atlanta watering holes he frequents. We only hear about him when the cops are impounding his Lamborghini or creditors are beating down his door. After being so much, good and bad, to so many, Allen Iverson is a 36-year-old retiree. He is a nobody.

Does he have any fight left in him? We will find out soon. He may be finished as a basketball player, but he can't be finished as a man, if he ever was one. He's done too much, been too far and proven himself to be too strong. Right?

He seems totally unprepared for his greatest challenge: life. Iverson was tossed out of high school. He dropped out of college. Not even the gods of irony are funny enough to make A.I. a coach. He's demonstrated no interest in any activity meant to be performed 40 hours per week. In the most significant ways, he is alone. And there's no reason to think any of this will get any better.


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