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NBA All Star Shooting Stars Competition: Team New York Victorious

The second night of the NBA's All-Star weekend kicked off with the Haier Shooting Stars competition, featuring four teams representing four different regions: Texas, New York, Orlando and Atlanta.

Each team was made up of three players: a current member of that city's NBA franchise, a former NBA player from that city's franchise, and a WNBA player that either plays in that city or is from that city.

The competition involved each team hitting six shots collectively, including one from half court.

Team New York and Team Texas advanced to the finals, with New York posting a first round best score of 38.7 seconds.

In the finals, Team New York, made up of current Knick Landry Fields, former Knick Allan Houston, and Cappie Pondexter of the New York Liberty, breezed to victory with a time of 37.3 seconds.

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