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Sixers Vs. Thunder: Philadelphia Struggling To Close Out Games

The Philadelphia 76ers have lost six of their past seven games, and coach Doug Collins can't like the pattern that's developing.

"I think it's a trend late in games, where we're struggling, and we have to get out of that," Andre Iguodala noted.

"It's hard not to think about the way they've lost some of these games. You go back to Minnesota, you're in it the last couple minutes in Memphis, you're up six in Houston, and now the way this one got away from them here in the fourth quarter as well," CSN Philly analyst Dei Lynam said after Philadelphia's 92-88 loss Wednesday to Oklahoma City. "It does bode the question: Does this team need to learn how to win, and how will that come about?"

At least during the Thunder game, part of Philadelphia's late game struggles could be attributed to leading scorer Lou Williams.

"I'm getting trapped in the fourth quarters. Tonight, I don't think I did a good job of adjusting to it. Usually I do different things -- slip the picks, slip the screen and hold. But for whatever reason I just kept running into the trap today." Williams explained.

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