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76ers Vs. Warriors: Should Philadelphia Experiment With New Starting Lineup?

Considering that the Philadelphia 76ers have lost six of their past seven outings, it would be natural for coach Doug Collins to consider lineup changes.

But CSN Philly's Gordie Jones cautions that changing the starting lineup wouldn't be easy, and probably wouldn't be productive.

In a perfect world, Doug Collins would be able to do something drastic to pull the Sixers out of their funk. In a perfect world, he would be able to shake up his starting lineup.

In a perfect world, he could make the move for which fans have long clamored on message boards and the like: Evan Turner for Jodie Meeks at shooting guard.

In reality Collins' hands are tied, because Turner has not made the expected progress in his second year. (Nor are there any other obvious lineup changes Collins can make. Starting Thaddeus Young or Lou Williams makes them even smaller, and thus more vulnerable on defense and the boards. Inserting Tony Battie at center would have negligible benefit, and Nik Vucevic is much more comfortable coming off the bench.)


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