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Allen Iverson To Reportedly Play Basketball In Dominican Republic

Former Philadelphia 76ers guard Allen Iverson has reportedly signed with Pueblo Nuevo for one month and will play in a basketball league in the Dominican Republic (via ESPN). Terms of the contract were not disclosed. Iverson is expected to arrive in the Dominican Republic on Sunday and play later that day.

Pueblo Nuevo president Milton Nunez said

"He and his agent have told us that he has been training a lot and that even if he hasn't been playing anywhere, he has what we need to help Pueblo Nuevo," Nunez said.

Iverson, the 2001 NBA MVP, retired from the NBA in 2010 after 14 seasons. Iverson averaged 26.7 points 6.2 assists, 3.7 rebounds and 2.2 steals per game during his NBA career. Iverson led the Sixers to the NBA Finals against the Los Angeles Lakers during the 2001 season when he won the league's MVP award. The Sixers lost to the Lakers in five games.