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NBA Standings 2012: Sixers Still In Good Position

The Philadelphia 76ers have seven games remaining on the schedule and ahead of the Milwaukee Bucks by three in the loss column. Unless the Sixers have an epic collapse, while the Bucks simultaneously run the table, it appears the Sixers are a lock for the Playoffs.

Who they will play in the first round is much less clear. As it stands, the Sixers and Knicks are tied in the standings, but since the Knicks own the tiebreaker, they're the seventh seed – the Sixers eighth. If the Sixers want any chance at first round Playoff success, it would be in their best interest to finish as the eighth seed, so they could play the Bulls in the first round. The seventh seed will likely play LeBron James and the Heat.

Both teams will undoubtedly beat the Sixers, but the Sixers match up better with the Bulls. Miami represents a bloodbath waiting to happen.

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