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Sixers Vs. Cavaliers: Philadelphia Ends Losing Streak Against Cleveland

The Philadelphia 76ers handled the Cleveland Cavaliers 103-87 on Wednesday night to end a three-game losing skid and maintain their hold on an Eastern Conference playoff berth.

To the players, the difference wasn't difficult to highlight. Playing with the same effort, the 76ers raised their level of execution.

"I tried to tell the guys last night that if we have the same effort we had last night we'll be fine," Andre Iguodala explained. "We can pretty much beat any team with that effort if we cut out a few mistakes. Tonight we had that force again."

"We just needed an extra push," Jrue Holiday said. "I know last night we had an extra push, but the beginning of the second half it kind of died down. This time we were able to withstand longer and we hit them harder, and I think that's what we needed to do. And there ain't nothing like a good ‘ol win."

Now, coach Doug Collins knows, a playoff berth is drawing closer.

"Your fate is in your own hands," Collins said. "If Indy can help us tomorrow night and give them 33 (losses) then you are two wins away from taking care of your business. That's what you have to do."


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