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2012 NBA Playoffs Schedule: Philadelphia 76ers Open On Saturday

The Philadelphia 76ers will open the 2012 NBA Playoffs on Saturday against either the Chicago Bulls or Miami Heat.


The initial 2012 NBA Playoffs schedule -- or rather, the schedule for all the playoff openers -- was released on Thursday. The Philadelphia 76ers still don't know their opponent, but they will open the postseason on Saturday, April 28 regardless.

Philadelphia enters the regular season's final day knotted with the New York Knicks at 35-30. Though their records are even, New York owns the tiebreaker and would receive the seventh seed -- and a first-round matchup against the Miami Heat -- if the teams finish with identical records. Unless the Sixers beat the Detroit Pistons and the Knicks somehow lose to the Charlotte Bobcats Thursday night, Philadelphia will meet the top-seeded Chicago Bulls in the opening round.

The Bulls are probably a better matchup for Philadelphia, which is 1-11 against the Heat since Lebron James and Chris Bosh joined Dwyane Wade in South Beach.

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