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VIDEO: Battie Tells Iguodala 'Think Of Something You Love' Before Free Throws

Andre Iguodala is not a good a free throw shooter. He made just 61.7 percent of his attempts during the regular season, and was shooting less than 50 percent in the fourth quarter. He came through in the biggest moment of Game 6 on Thursday, however, sinking a pair to give the Philadelphia 76ers a series-clinching win in Game 6 over the Chicago Bulls on Thursday night.

How'd he do it? Why, by following the advice of a good friend, of course.

"On the free throws, Tony Battie gave me some advice. He said, 'Think of something you love when you're shooting free throws,' because I've been struggling all year. I thought of my son, and it was easy after that."

That's the secret to making all your free throws. Just think about something you love, make some type of physical motion strong enough to send the ball off your fingertips towards the basket, and profit.

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