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NBA Playoffs 2012, 76ers Vs. Bulls: Andre Iguodala Overcomes Free Throw Woes

When Andre Iguodala stepped to the free throw line with 2.2 seconds remaining – Sixers down one – with a chance to tie or win the game and/or series, Sixers fans could hardly watch. The once very good free throw shooter has seen his percentage inexplicably plummet in the past few years. In the fourth quarter, and in close games, he was abysmal.

From Henry Abbott:

Iguodala had a problem at the line. A so-so free throw shooter on the best of nights, he averaged only 62 percent for the season. In close games, though -- an atrocity. tells us that in the final three minutes of games within five points, this season Iguodala had hit two free throws. Total. All season. Out of nine tries. That's 22 percent.

Iguodala made both and the Sixers advanced to the second round for the first time since 2003.

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