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2012 NBA Playoffs, 76ers Vs. Bulls: Andre Iguodala's Legacy Forever Changed

Andre Iguodala has been one of the most criticized Philadelphia athletes in recent memory. The fact that he's paid handsomely, doesn't score like an All-Star and has, for lack of a better word, an ugly shot has landed him on many Sixers fans' naughty list. His propensity to miss "clutch" free throws wasn't helping, nor was his lack of a Playoff win. Last night may have forever altered the way Iguodala is remembered in Philadelphia sports history.

From Michael Levin, at Liberty Ballers:

At no point in his career has Andre been celebrated as much as he is right now. Beating a conference powerhouse at home is huge. Doing it by sinking the enigmatic free throws with the game on the line to prove that he too has ice in his veins is another thing entirely. This was a career-defining moment here.

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