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Philly, South Jersey Light Up Red, White & Blue For Sixers

The Sixers are the last remaining Philly team in the postseason and at least given the way the Phillies look now, they may be the last one we see this year (NFL playoffs don't start til 2013!). So the city is doing its best to enjoy the playoffs while they last. A number of Philadelphia & South Jersey buildings and bridges will be lighting up red, white and blue in support of the Sixers this week. The team released the following schedule.

Benjamin Franklin BridgeBlueWednesday, 5/16
Liberty OneBlueAll Sixers home and away games
Liberty TwoRed, White, BlueAll Sixers home and away games
BNY Mellon CenterBlueThrough entirety of Sixers Playoff run (started Fri. 5/11)
Cira CentreRed, White, BlueAll Sixers home games
Camden County City HallRed, BlueThrough entirety of Sixers Playoff run, starting Mon. 5/14