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NBA Playoffs 2012, 76ers Vs. Celtics: Why You Should Write Off The Sixers' Game 3 Loss

After edging the Boston Celtics for a one-point win in Game 2 of the Eastern Conference Semifinals, defense was nowhere to be found for the Philadelphia 76ers on Wednesday night. The Sixers fell to the Celtics by a final score of 107-91 in Game 3.

Over at Liberty Ballers, SB Nation's 76ers blog, Michael Levin points out a few things that he says should be no surprise to Philly fans. Among the items on his list:

- We knew Spencer Hawes sucked.

- We knew the Sixers haven't had a shot in hell at covering Kevin Garnett with their current strategy.

- We knew Thaddeus Young would eventually do something, though we also knew that he is not a good rebounder or defender.

Ultimately, Levin says not to over-think Wednesday's game.

Write that one off. It's one game, and it was a much less stressful game than the past 3 the Sixers have played. I tuned this puppy out a few minutes into the second half. Both the Sixers and I were on cruise control by that point.

Basically, don't put too much stock into this one. With a revenge win on Friday, the Sixers would even up the series 2-2. That's fine.

The Sixers get their shot at a "revenge win" on Friday.

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