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NBA Playoffs 2012, 76ers Vs. Celtics: Evan Turner Stays Aggressive

Despite an abysmal first half, which saw them shoot 23 percent from the field, the Sixers were able to dig deep and complete an impressive comeback against the Boston Celtics on Friday night. With the victory, the Sixers tied the series at two games a piece, as the series heads back to Boston for game five.

Evan Turner finished the game 5-22 and was blocked four times. However; his low field goal percentage doesn't take away from how important his aggressiveness was.

So Evan Turner missed a lottttttttttttt of shots. A lot of them. 5-22 from the field is not good in any sense. But he got 9 shots at the rim and a ton of foul calls (among countless uncalled fouls). He kept attacking and kept the aggressiveness up and even though he missed SO MANY SHOTS, I can't help but tip my cap to Evan and Doug Collins for letting that happen.

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