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76ers Vs. Celtics, 2012 NBA Playoffs: Andre Iguodala Comes Up Big

The Philadelphia 76ers completed an impressive comeback on Friday night, to beat the Celtics in game four of their series in the Eastern Conference semi-finals. The series is now tied at two, as the series heads back to Boston for game five, on Sunday.

Andre Iguodala – the face of the Sixers franchise since Allen Iverson's departure – has made some big plays in the first 10 Playoff games of 2012:

Andre Iguodala's reputation has been that he's the best overall supporting non-star player in the league. A superb defender, a masterful passer, an athletic freak, with great hustle, work ethic, basketball IQ, and versatility. But his one limitation has always been the ability to hit the big shots. He put the Sixers into the Conference Semifinals by hitting key free throws over the Bulls.


Iguodala has stepped up and delivered two huge wins for the Sixers in these playoffs. He's going to need two more, one on the road, if he wants to earn himself more chances.

Stay tuned to this storystream for updates and more from the 76ers versus Celtics series. Liberty Ballers is your source for 76ers news and commentary, and if the Celtics are your team check out Celtics Blog.