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2012 NBA Playoffs, 76ers Vs. Bulls: Panic in Chicago

The Chicago Bulls operated quite well without Derrick Rose during the regular season. But after they were throttled 109-92 by the Philadelphia 76ers Tuesday night in their first game since Rose's torn ACL, panic is taking over as the emotion of choice in the Windy City.

"There's more than a little," CSN Chicago analyst David Kaplan said Wednesday. "I think there's a lot of panic."

"I think once Derrick went down, people hung their hat on, 'Well, the Bulls had a great record when Derrick was sidelined for a large chunk of the regular season. Everything will be fine. They beat the Heat without Derrick, no problem,'" he continued. "After watching that pathetic second half last night, from a Chicago perspective, I think there's a lot of panic in the streets."

For more discussion of the panic in Chicago, watch the video below:

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