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NBA Draft Lottery 2012: Odds, Time, TV Schedule And More

By tonight, Anthony Davis will know what kind of clothes he needs to buy.

It will most likely be some shorts and a few new t-shirts if the percentages hold true. He'd be headed to Michael Jordan and the Charlotte Bobcats if all goes according to plan on Wednesday night in the 2012 NBA Draft Lottery.

Of course, things don't always turn out as the percentages would predict. Only a few years ago, the Chicago Bulls had less than a one percent chance to land the number one overall pick but did exactly that when Derrick Rose was the marquee name.

This year, the draft is stocked with legitimate talent through the first ten selections but the big prize is Davis, the shot-blocking machine out of Kentucky.

It's always fun to watch the lottery with the suspense building the whole time. The team executives are basically desperate to hold onto their jobs after failing miserably and praying for that top pick.

The lottery is always a good time, unless you happen to be the guy who should draft first but ends up with the fifth selection.

Here is a full list of the percentages each team has for the first overall selection:

Charlotte Bobcats: 25.0%

Washington Wizards:19.9%

Cleveland Cavaliers: 13.8%

New Orleans Hornets: 13.7%

Sacramento Kings: 7.6%

Brooklyn Nets: 7.5%

Golden State Warriors: 3.6%

Toronto Raptors: 3.5%

Detroit Pistons: 1.7%

Minnesota Timberwolves: 1.1%

Portland Trail Blazers: 0.8%

Milwaukee Bucks: 0.7%

Phoenix Suns: 0.6%

Houston Rockets: 0.5%


Time: 8:00 p.m. ET

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