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2012 NBA Playoffs, 76ers Vs. Bulls: Reaction To Philly Having A 3-1 Series Lead

You could have made a lot of money betting on the Philadelphia 76ers before this series started. The Chicago Bulls were the heavy (and deserved) favorites thanks to a great regular season.

Then Derrick Rose tore his ACL and Joakim Noah sprained his ankle, and here we are. It's been a brutal turn of events for the Bulls.

The Sixers on the other hand are now up 3-1 in the Eastern Conference Quarterfinals after winning 89-92 on Sunday and are looking to close out Chicago at the United Center in Game Five.

Michael Levin of Liberty Ballers sums it up:

The truth is, the Bulls are not the same team without Noah in the lineup. As much as I despise him, he's a terror on the glass and far more athletic than his stupid face lets on. Carlos Boozer isn't nearly as effective on either end, and Omer Asik is a bit light in the cakes at this point in his career. The absence of Noah allows Doug to play the softer Spencer more minutes (36 this game) at the expense of the more bangable Lavoy Allen, who despite starting Game One, only played 3 minutes today. Hawes can more easily get his shot without seeming as much of a liability on defense or on the glass.

Philly is closing in on the semifinals, a place it hasn't been since the days of Allen Iverson.

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