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VIDEO: Sixers Vs Bulls Sideline Scuffle Breaks Out Before Halftime

The Bulls may be down 3-1 in the series without their two best players and the Sixers may be sitting pretty, but neither of these teams are taking this game 5 lightly. Exhibit A, this loose ball right in front of the Chicago bench. Andre Iguodala dives for it, then Taj Gibson and Elton Brand go to war over it.

It may be tough to see in this video, but the two guys start throwing the elbows almost as soon as they hit the floor.

The Bulls will take a 35-26 lead into halftime. Luol Deng leads Chicago with 11, while Lavoy Allen has 6 for the Sixers. This has been the most physical game of the series, which certainly plays into the Bulls hands. Being down their top two guys, their clearest path to winning is to junk the game up and try to outwork the Sixers. So far, it's working.

The Sixers are shooting 29%, while the Bulls have managed just 39%.

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