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2012 NBA Draft: Philadelphia 76ers Schedule Five In Pre-Draft Workout

The Sixers have scheduled a pre-draft workout, which includes five big men.

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The 2012 NBA Draft is scheduled for later this month – June 28. The Philadelphia 76ers own the 15th selection in the first round, as well as the 45th and 54th overall picks (second round).

While no notable prospects have been scheduled for a pre-draft workout thus far, the Sixers have scheduled a workout with five players who could be options for the Sixers in the second round and/or as undrafted free agents, according to Bob Cooney of the Philadelphia Daily News.

The group includes Temple center Michael Eric, Mississippi forward Terrance Henry, Norfolk State center Kyle O'Quinn, Northwestern forward John Shurna and Georgetown center Henry Sims.

Michael Eric is a local big man from Temple, and isn't highly-regarded as an NBA prospect. Sound familiar? The Sixers worked out Lavoy Allen in similar fashion last season, and presumably reached for him with the 50th overall pick, which turned out pretty well.

Eric isn't going to give you much offensively, but he's a big body who can rebound and block shots – two skills the Sixers desperately lack. I wouldn't mind taking him in the second round, although he can probably be had as an undrafted free agent.

Like Eric, Terrence Henry doesn't provide much of anything on offense. But unlike, Henry, he wasn't a good rebounder or shot-blocker in college.

The remaining three guys – O'Quinn, Shurna and Sims – are the most highly-regarded of the list, and all appear on DX's top 100 prospects.

Let's start with Shurna, briefly. He was an efficient offensive player at Northwestern, but it's hard to see it translating to the NBA. He's an undersized, athletically-limited, hard-worker. He won't have a real position in the NBA and will be limited to a spot-up "big" off the bench, who can contribute occasionally as an energy guy. He's not a good rebounder or defender.

Sims stands 6'11", 245, with a 7'4" wingspan, so he's a big dude. He was an inefficient scorer in college (52.3 true shooting percentage), despite his ability to get to the free throw line and convert at a relatively high rate. Because of his size, he can be an imposing presence on defense, and blocked a decent amount of shots. However; his rebounding was a disappointment at the college level, and he's somewhat limited athletically. In the NBA, he's profiles as an average interior defender, who can finish around the rim on occasion.

Finally, Kyle O'Quinn is my favorite prospect among the five. Draft Express ranked him as the 41st best prospect, and projects him to early in the second round. He's only 6'9" or 6'10", but possesses a massive 7'5" wingspan, and his no step vertical was last recorded at 30.5 inches – the same as Dwight Howard's. To go along with his massive wingspan and athletic ability, O'Quinn also has some size on his frame, weighing in at 240 pounds.

The New-Yorker was an extremely efficient scorer at Norfolk State, sporting a true shooting percentage of 61.5. He's offensive repertoire is somewhat limited, but he can finish around the rim and get to the free throw line – two traits no big on the Sixers roster posses. He's also shown the ability to be a decent passer out of the post.

Although he didn't always play against top-level competition, his rebounding percentages – both offensive and defensive – were outstanding. As we witnessed with Kenneth Faried last season, good rebounding percentages in college usually translate to the pros. O'Quinn also blocked a ton of shots.

I'd rank the five – in terms of how they'd fit with the Sixers – in the following order:

  1. Kyle O'Quinn
  2. Michael Eric
  3. Henry Sims
  4. John Shura
  5. Terrence Henry

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