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2012 NBA Draft: Potential Sixers Busts or Studs

The Sixers are looking for a solid interior player at 15 this year. Because Thomas Robinson fell to fifth overall, (Opposition playing Sacramento...Bring aspirin!) the lottery has been jumbled. The Sixers now can be aggressive, trade up and take a guy like Drummond, or wait for one of the other talented bigs to fall into their laps.

I will now show my "Potential Bust List" along with my "Potential Stud List"

Stud List

Andre Drummond, UCONN He is young, has terrific defensive instincts and has the size and athleticism to be amazing.

Tyler Zeller, UNC One of the most intelligent, skilled players in the draft. Don't believe the hype. Zeller is a talent!

Jared Sullinger, Ohio St. Back issues have forced him down most draft boards, but his ability to take over a game makes him a potential NBA stud.

Bust List

Perry Jones, Baylor My issue with Jones is similar to most people's issues. He didn't have the work ethic and motor while attempting to prove he deserves NBA money. What would make anyone think that would change when he is earning NBA money?

Terrance Jones, Kentucky Similar issue with Jones. He has been labeled lazy. That is a terrible tag to have. Some other lottery picks were given that title...See Villanueva, Charlie.