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2012 NBA Draft: Philadelphia 76ers select Maurice Harkless No. 15 Overall

I was getting information telling me the Sixers would select Tyler Zeller. I was happy thinking of Zeller as a Sixer. He is a legitimate seven footer, with an amazing motor, work ethic and basketball sense.

Then, just before David Stern stepped onto the podium, I read a text reading Mo Harkless. Harkless is a 6'8" SF from St. Johns. He doesn't focus on post moves. Instead he is a tall athletic slasher...similar to nearly every other player on the Sixers roster not named Spencer Hawes.

What this move tells me is that a player that I value, Andre Iguodala, is most likely heading out of town. In his place is a younger version, who is not a lock-down defender. Unless the Sixers have a deal in place for a top flight center, this move makes zero sense to me.

Hopefully, more information on a potential move becomes available as the night moves on. If it does I will break it here. Follow on @Waiting4Godunk for more Draft info.