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2012 NBA Draft: Sixers Trade Up, Take Arnett Moultrie

The Philadelphia 76ers may have had a strategy all along. Although the No. 15 pick, Maurice Harkless, came as a surprise to most Sixers fans, the front office finally got their man in Arnett Moultrie, a 6'11" center from Mississippi State. The Sixers made a trade with the Miami Heat, acquiring Moultrie in exchange for the 45th pick of this years draft, along with a future first rounder.

SB Nation Philly's own Derek Bodner had this to say about Moultrie,

At nearly 22 years of age by the time of his rookie season, Moultrie's advanced age doesn't necessarily reflect his development as a prospect. He saw a good portion of his offense in the post last year, something he's not all that comfortable with. He also didn't take a whole lot of attempts from the perimeter, something he's going to have to prove he's comfortable doing in individual workouts.

He's also thin, which could be troublesome defending the post in the NBA.

He does have good length (nearly 6'11"), great athleticism, and has improved his pick and roll defense. He's a good finisher at the rim off of offensive rebounds and cuts, and a solid defensive rebounder. He may never put together the complete package in terms of skill sets, but he could certainly work himself into a solid contributor.

The future will tell how each player will fit into Doug Collins system. If Moultrie can improve on his defense, this could be a good fit.