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2012 NBA Draft Grades: Philadelphia 76ers Receive 'B'

The Philadelphia 76ers used their first-round pick in Thursday night's 2012 NBA Draft to select Moe Harkless, traded for another first-rounder to choose Arnett Moultrie (No. 27 pick overall) and sold their 54th pick to the Brooklyn Nets.

For their efforts, Andrew Sharp of SB Nation gave the Sixers a grade of B in his 2012 NBA Draft Grades column.

It's hard to grade the Harkless pick since nobody has any idea whether he'll capitalize on all the potential, but even if he never puts it all together, he should give Philly one more absurdly athletic wing to play with, and his length will be an asset on both ends of the floor. Arnett Moultrie was pretty solid at the 27 pick, too, as long as there are some solid protections on that future 1st round pick (no lottery, for instance).

The key now is whether they can turn Andre Iguodala into a piece that makes them better than a seventh or eighth seed in the East. But that's been the question for two years now, so I guess we'll just have to keep waiting. GRADE: B.

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