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76ers trade rumors: Evan Turner deal not currently in works

Contrary to previous reports, the Sixers reportedly don't have any deals centered around guard Evan Turner in the works.


While the Philadelphia 76ers are, "no doubt listening to any and all calls," in anticipation of Thursday's trade deadline, there's nothing going on regarding supposedly available shooting guard Evan Turner, Bob Cooney of the Philadelphia Daily News reports.

Despite being heavily mentioned in numerous reports over the past couple weeks, it appears that Philadelphia's desire to move Turner may have been overblown. Clearly the Sixers are showing a willingness to shake up their roster in the midst of a disappointing season, but that doesn't necessarily indicate the end of Turner's time in Philly.

With the departure of star player Andre Iguodala during the offseason, the hope was that Turner would blossom as the team's primary wing, but his performance has essentially held steady. His per-game numbers are up thanks to more playing time, but a 12.7 PER is nearly identical to the figure he posted last season.

Through 51 games, Turner is averaging 13.8 points, 6.6 rebounds and 4.4 assists in 36.2 minutes per contest. He's eligible to become a restricted free agent after the 2013-14 season.

Nick Young, a popular trade target?

The Sixers have reportedly received many inquiries on guard Nick Young, but no progress has been many in any of those discussions, according to CBS Sports' Ken Berger. At this point, it's difficult to see the team dealing Young, though the odds presumably go up if Turner isn't being actively discussed.

Signed to a one-year, $5.6 million contract during the summer, Young has filled his role as a bench scorer quite well despite a reputation for questionable character. Through 46 games, he's averaging 11.5 points and 2.4 rebounds in 25.6 minutes per contest.

Berger doesn't mention which teams have asked Philadelphia about Young, but there are presumably many teams interested in a scorer of his ability on such a reasonable deal. One rumored possibility has been a deal with Orlando that sends J.J. Redick to Philly, but such a deal would likely require Turner rather than Young.