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Eagles Defensive Coordinator Sean McDermott Explains Why There's No Advantage In Knowing Donovan McNabb

Philadelphia Eagles Defensive Coordinator Sean McDermott met the media this week and of course the conversation quickly to Donovan McNabb. McDermott was asked whether watching McNabb for 10 years and knowing his tendencies gives him and the Eagles defense any advantages?

"It works both ways. The biggest thing is, he's in a different scheme. If we were scheming the Eagles offense with Donovan, that'd be one thing, but we're scheming Coach [Mike] Shanahan's offense and scheme, and then Donovan's the personnel side of it that we have to take into consideration."

Point is, the Eagles probably don't know much more about McNabb's tendencies than any team who watches film on him will. Every knows which way he'd prefer to roll out, which throws he's best at making ect... That stuff isn't terribly hard to figure out. McDermott's point is that knowing a lot about a particular player doesn't mean you have an intimate knowledge of the scheme which that player is used in.

If say, Redskins offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan were on the Eagles last year.... then maybe we'd have an advantage.