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Eagles Vs 49ers: Kevin Kolb Wants To Impersonate Roy Halladay

In a rare occurrence, the Eagles and Phillies will not only play on the same day… they’ll be on TV head to head. This week, Eagles starting QB Kevin Kolb was asked whether he and the have been following the Phillies success.

“Yeah, absolutely. We’re big fans of theirs. Obviously, what Roy Halladay did the other day was pretty impressive, and hopefully we can do our own impersonation to match what he did."

Today will probably be the ultimate bellweather for which team currently owns Philadelphia. The Eagles have struggled this year, but they’re on national TV in a “make it or break it” type game. The Phillies are looking to book their place in the NLCS for the 3rd straight season.

Big game for most teams and you can bet we’ll be checking the ratings tomorrow morning. For his part, Kolb says his confidence level for tonight is high.

“Yeah, it’s super high. And our team’s is super high. We know that we need to go in there and get this one. We had an unbelievable week of work. Our intensity level’s been through the roof, and I feel like we have a great game plan, so those three things need to combine into a victory.”