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Philadelphia Eagles' Brodrick Bunkley Does Not Appear To Need Surgery Now

Just last night Andy Reid was on his weekly radio show saying that starting DT Brodrick Bunkley would likely need season ending elbow surgery. Today, after Bunkley saw Dr James Andrews, he had changed his tune.

“Dr. Andrews said he’s had some guys who had worse injuries and played through them and other guys whose injuries weren’t as bad but couldn’t play through them,” Reid said. “It’s just different for everybody, so we’ll see. We’ll rehab him and see how it goes. Yesterday, it didn’t look good. But he has a chance to get back out there.

“Right now, the swelling is down, and he’s not in a lot of pain. He won’t practice tomorrow, but beyond that, we’ll just have to see.”

As far as Bunkley’s assumed replacement in concerned, Jeff Owens says he’s still going to be signed from the practice squad. If Bunkley only misses a game or two Owens could still have a roster spot if the team cuts Chad Hall when Riley Cooper comes back.