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Howie Roseman on Bell Deal

Ze Twitter account of Eagles Insider has some Howie Roseman words for you. Basically the GM likes Harrison for his quick feet and hands out of the backfield. Also, it opens up short yardage situations for Eldra Buckley and rookie Joique Bell (no relation to Mike).

To be honest, I was more excited than Mike Bell’s arrival than I should have been, and paid the price for it with his awful season. While there’s something about Jerome Harrison that makes him go from having the third best rushing game of all time to being benched in favor of a seventh round pick, I can’t see any downside to this deal. Harrison is a free agent after the season anyway, so the final 11 games will serve as a tryout to see if he’s worthy of a follow-up contract. Also, if the Eagles feel like there’s anything in Joique Bell, now is the time to see.

The fellas at Bleeding Green Nation are eating it up.