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Eagles QB Michael Vick Says He Might Play This Weekend Against The Atlanta Falcons

Michael Vick did not participate in Eagles practice today, but he says that doesn’t mean he won’t be able to take the field this weekend against his former team, the Atlanta Falcons.

"I’ve got a shot," Vick said at his locker Wednesday. "I can’t tell you [how far away I am], the only thing I can tell you is, hey, I’m making progress, and don’t count me out. I’ve made progress every day. Last week I couldn’t brush my hair, but now I can brush my hair, so that’s a good thing. And [my] breathing is good."

So he can brush his hair… watch out Falcons!

Speaking of the Falcons, Vick told CSNPhilly that there’s no extra motivation for him to get back out there against his former team.

"There’s no extra motivation because it’s Atlanta," Vick said. "I felt like we got over that hurdle last year, so it’s just another football game against a tough football team."