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Eagles Vs Falcons: Kevin Kolb Admires Matt Ryan

If he does indeed start this week, Kevin Kolb will be facing another one of the NFL’s young quarterbacks in the Falcons’ Matt Ryan. He was asked this week whether Ryan is a guy he looks up to?

“Yeah, he’s done a great job, and not only on the field, but off the field. Everything that he does, he does it like a pro. One of the things I really like about him is, I’ve seen some film where the first couple quarters they’re not really grooving yet, and then like against San Francisco, boom, he came back on those last two drives, took them right down the field and won the game. So that’s the way it’s going to be sometimes, and he’s always a fighter, always a battler and finds a way to win.”

Kolb was also asked whether his preparation has changed this week since he’s not sure yet whether he’ll be starting or not?

“No. It’s exactly the same. And that’s the way you have to approach it. Obviously, we did something somewhat right last week, so that’s the way I want to stay, and make sure that I’m totally prepared if something was to happen.”