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Eagles Vs Falcons Key Matchups: King Dunlap Vs John Abraham

Arguably the key matchup of this game is going to be Falcons DE John Abraham vs Eagles LT King Dunlap… It’s one that heavily favors the Falcons on paper. Dunlap struggled mightily protecting Kevin Kolb’s blind side when he was pressed in to service against the 49ers. This week his job gets even harder going against Abraham, who has 93.5 career sacks.

Eagles offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg talked about whether he is concerned about the left tackle position.

“Well Abraham can show up both strong or weak, and right and left. And so, they’ll move him around a little bit; not as much as some, but more than just a stagnant right or left player. He’s a heck of a player. They have some excellent pass rushers. I think comparing them from last year they’re very good inside. They have the man from [the University of] Montana there, [DE Kroy] Biermann, as well, number 71. He’s a heck of a player. So their defense is very, very good and it starts up front with them. Our left tackle played well with the exception of a couple, two or three plays there, which he’ll get corrected. So, we have great confidence in [T] King [Dunlap] there.”

The Falcons move Abraham around to get him the best matchup… He probably won’t need to move much to get that this weekend.

Mornhinweg said there were things that team can do to help Dunlap, but he didn’t want to go into “too much detail” about how they’ll do that.