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Eagles Vs Falcons: Andy Reid Postgame Quotes

Andy Reid opened his postgame conference without much news on DeSean Jackson’s injury. He said it was obviously a concussion but had no news beyond that. He did say that he didn’t think Jackson lost consciousness and that DeSean was awake when he was out there. He was asked whether these violent collisions were becoming more common in the NFL lately.

“I think it’s been that way. At that position, you have speed guys, and you have some guys who can whack you when they get to you. I don’t think things have changed that way. I think you’re seeing some violent collisions throughout the league, but if you look over time, there have been some crazy collisions between safeties and wide receivers, between safeties and tight ends, and between corners and wide receivers on crossing routes. That’s what happened in this situation.”

On the solid play of the much maligned King Dunlap

“I thought big King did a pretty good job. He had one penalty for hands-in-the-face, but when a guy is trying to bull-rush you and you’re 6-9, sometimes that’s going to happen. I thought he bent well, and I thought he delivered his hands in tight. He has 35-and-a-half inch arms, so when he extends those, I’m not sure there is anyone in the league that can get into his chest. He battled all the way through. I have to see the film, but I thought for the most part, he did a pretty good job.”

Will the good play of Kevin Kolb make it hard to go back to Michael Vick?

“This is a beautiful thing. When you’re sitting here as a chubby head coach in the National Football League, and you have two good quarterbacks, you’re a happy guy. That’s a positive thing.”

Finally, does this win over Atlanta solidify the Eagles position in the NFC?

“Every week in this thing is a challenge. This was a challenge this week and I thought the guys were focused and ready to play their hearts out. Next week is another challenge. I still believe that [Atlanta] is a heck of a football team. They are very well-coached and they play hard and aggressive football. We were able to get a few big plays on them and put them in a little bit of a bind, but that’s a good football team in all phases of their game. The NFL is crazy right now. Next week is another challenge, and you have to focus in on that, rise to the challenge, and then you’re off to the races.”