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Eagles Injury News: Andy Reid Discusses DeSean Jackson's Concussion

Below are Andy Reid’s full comments on DeSean Jackson’s concussion and timeline for recovery.

“Well, listen, with every concussion when you get hit like that you’re not going to remember everything, but it wasn’t like amnesia set in. He remembered his touchdowns and all the things that happened. He didn’t necessarily remember the hit when it took place. That was a heck of a hit. And listen, it’s one of those – it was a rough one on both those guys. But as far as the timing goes, that’s not accurate, and the memory loss, I don’t know to what extent [because] I didn’t hear all these comments, but it was a concussion and these are the things that happen with these concussions. But he got a pretty good jolt, now. That was a big hit. I’m not sure I’ve seen one here quite like that one in our stadium. That was a big hit for both guys.”

On whether he is confident Jackson will have a chance to play against the Colts after the bye week:

“We just have to take it [one step at a time].”

On whether he has any reason to think Jackson would not be ready against the Colts:

“No. I didn’t hear any of that. Maybe somebody knows something I don’t know, but I doubt it.”

On whether Jackson’s concussion is the most severe concussion a player on the team has suffered this year:

“Well, I’ll tell you that was a violent collision and that’s what I’ll tell you. We’ve had a couple others that were pretty good ones, but this was a pretty violent one. And the thing about it is, the next question goes, ‘Well, if Riley’s been out two weeks, you know, DeSean [should be out longer, too?]’ I think they’re all different, and so you just have to go on the symptoms and see what happens, and listen to the doctors, and listen to the player and the trainer. So, we’ll just see how it all works. But that collision, that was a rough one.”