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NFL: Hit On DeSean Jackson Was Definitely Illegal

NFL VP of operations Ray Anderson was on ESPN’s Mike & Mike this morning to talk about the league's new tougher stance on illegal and violent hits. He was asked specifically about Dunta Robinson’s hit on DeSean Jackson that knocked both players out of Sunday’s Eagles vs Falcons game. Eagletarian had the transcript.

“Technically, by the rules, even if you initiate contact below the neck, but you get up into a players head and neck area for a defenseless receiver, technically under that rule, that was a violation,” Anderson said. “That’s why it was called (a penalty). And it will be subject to discipline.”

Yes, it was a bang-bang play," Anderson said. “You can make the argument that it was different from the others (hits on Sunday). But at the end of the day, it was still illegal under the current rules. And we have to be very vigorous about enforcing and protecting our players against hits like this.”

Robinson will certainly be fined for the hit, but I doubt he’ll be one of the players suspended if indeed suspensions come down this week. Brandon Merriweather and James Harrison are more likely candidates for suspension because they really seemed to have more intent than Robinson did. While Robinson’s hit was clearly illegal under the new hitting a defenseless WR rules, it’s hard to say that there was malicious intent there.