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Redskins at Eagles: Eagles To Start Max Jean-Gilles At Right Guard

With Nick Cole banged up this week, Andy Reid made the decision to start Max Jean-Gilles in his place. Many thought that newly acquired Reggie Wells would fill that spot, but Reid explains why he went with Max.

"Reggie’s been a left guard for the last six years. So to learn the offense and then put him on the right side; I’m not sure that’s fair to him. And Max has played both sides. Max came off a heck of a training camp – most of that was on the left side – so I put him over there where he’s played for us before and has a little better feel for the offense right now."

Reid also said that he's not disappointed that Wells hasn't picked up the right side

"No, listen, I know Reggie's a heck of a player and a phenomenal player. So, I know he has this body of work at left guard and then all of a sudden you're going to change his post-leg around, do all this stuff to him, and then have him learn the offense. It's completely different than what he did before. So, listen, that's my responsibility and at the left side we have a ton of trust in Reggie. It's just not fair to the kid to move him like that."

For those playing at home, Reggie Wells is both a heck of a player and a phenomenal player.