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Redskins at Eagles: Picks and Predictions

The national pundits have all weighed in and it most feel the Philadelphia Eagles will beat the Washington Redskins this weekend at Lincoln Financial Field.

All 8 of ESPN’s guys picked the Eagles.

Two of the three Yahoo! Sports guys picked the Redskins to win, although 83% of yahoo users have the Eagles as the victor.

CBS Sports unanimously picked the Eagles.

Finally, Fox Sports Pete Schrager picks the Eagles to win and relates a pretty funny story about jerseys and QBs.

Washington at Philadelphia: On draft night last April, I saw a guy wearing an old, ratty Heath Shuler No. 5 Redskins jersey with a giant piece of masking tape over “Shuler” and “McNabb” scribbled on the tape in marker. Five months later, I saw a guy wearing an Eagles No. 7 Jeff Garcia jersey with “Vick” written on masking tape over “Garcia.” What’s this all mean? That today’s NFL fan is a fiscally wise one. So, how do I explain the record amount of Tim Tebow No. 15 jerseys being sold in Denver? I can’t. But I promise you there are more Brandon Marshall jerseys with masking tape on the backs of them than ever before. As for this game? McNabb returns to Philly, the Eagles win and Michael Vick has another national TV talking head do a “Hey, maybe America is ready to forgive” piece this week. Moving right along …

The Pick: Eagles 28, Redskins 23