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Eagles At Titans: Kevin Kolb Named Starting Quarterback

Kevin Kolb, who today was named NFC offensive player of the week, was also named the starting quarterback of the Eagles for this weekend’s matchup against the Tennessee Titans.

Reid said today that while Michael Vick is improving, he still won’t be ready to play by this weekend.

Kevin [Kolb] will be the starter this week and Michael [Vick] will be in some form of a backup role. We’ll just see how he does here. He’s still pretty sore, but again, he’s making improvements.

When asked whether there was anything Kolb could do to win his starting job back this weekend, Reid didn’t really acknowledge the question.

“I haven’t even thought about that. We’re worried about Tennessee right now and we’re not worried about starting jobs. You guys can worry about all that. We’re worried right now about trying to put together a gameplan, learn the gameplan and execute the gameplan. That’s what I think Kevin is focused in on, that’s what we’re focused in on as coaches. I haven’t thought about all that other stuff.”