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Eagles At Titans: Marty Mornhinweg On The Progress Of The Offensive Line

The much-maligned Philadelphia Eagles offensive line played arguably it’s best game of the season last week allowing just one sack of Kevin Kolb and generally giving him all the time he needed to throw. This week Eagles offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinwheg talked about the progress of them as a group and addressed the play of a few specific individuals.

"They did an outstanding job. Every game plan is an individual, specific game plan. In this league, it’s more about matchups, at every position. Every week is a different plan that way. I thought the players just executed what needed to be done very well, with very few exceptions."

On how much improvement he’s seen from G Max Jean-Gilles and how much of that can be attributed to his weight loss:

"I think all of that helps. Max is a tough, tough man. A couple of years ago, I remember thinking ‘you win ball games with players like Max.’ And he sure has improved. [Offensive line] coach Juan Castillo’s done a great job there, as always. [He] did a great job last week with that offensive line, as well."

On how center Mike McGlynn has played and how well he’s adapted to making the line calls.

"Well, uncommon, really. He’s done such a good job that way mentally. And then he’s done, really, a fine job physically, as well. That o-line, I thought, could possibly be meshing there, and pretty good there. So, that’s a good thing. Now the challenge for everybody is: [to get] better every day, better every day. We can’t lose that part of it. We’ve got to get some things corrected, and get better every day. Kevin Kolb was outstanding. There’s a couple of things that we need to get better at every day. [Quarterbacks coach] James Urban has done a great job with getting Kevin Kolb prepared."

Finally, the guy that surprised almost everyone with how well he played last week, King Dunlap.

"I’ll tell you what. First of all, he’s got excellent skill and ability, great size. And then his technique was just outstanding last week. Because there were several times, you guys probably have seen, we took take care of the edges a little bit there, but there were several times, where he was one-on-one with 55 (Falcons DE John Abraham) now—with no help. And he did an outstanding job. We tried to keep their pass rushers off balance just a little bit, by doing some other things, but he did an outstanding job. Now, his challenge, and he played outstanding I thought this past week, his challenge will be to do it again, and again, and again. Play at that high level on a consistent basis. If you ever go on the road, with the snap count situation, and be able to do it there, as well."