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Eagles At Titans: WR Kenny Britt Benched Following Nightclub Brawl

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Tennessee Titans WR Kenny Britt will play today against the Philadelphia Eagles, but he won’t start according to the Tennessean. Police where called at 1:45 A.M. where a fight had broken out between two men, Britt had allegedly jumped into the fight as a third man and punched on of them in the face. The man was taken to the hospital and needed four stitches.

Britt could face a fine or suspension, but Titans coach Jeff Fisher says it was too close to the game to gather all the info.

“Without all the information this close to the ballgame I’m going to go ahead and allow Kenny to play,” Fisher said. “I’ll continue to gather information, and if I feel like disciplinary action needs to be taken, I’ll do it next week.”

Britt has scored in each of the last four games. It’s not known how long he’ll be sitting on Sunday, but typically these type of benchings will last a quarter. A similar situation happened with Texans RB Arian Foster earlier this season and he sat for one quarter.