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Eagles At Titans: Kerry Collins Playing With Torn Tendon In Throwing Hand

Fox’s Jay Glazer is reporting that Kerry Collins, who will start for the Titans over the injured Vince Young today against the Eagles, is playing with a torn tendon at the top of the middle finger on his throwing hand.

Vince Young is on the Titans active roster, but was still feeling the effects of his knee injury during warmups. With two ailing quarterbacks, expect the Titans to rely even more heavily than normal on RB Chris Johnson. Johnson is currently the second leading rusher in the NFL with 596 yards and leads the NFL is rushing touchdowns with seven.

Obviously for the Eagles, this means they may try to load up the box to stop the run and force the ailing Kerry Collins to beat them with the pass. Of course, a lot of teams load the box to try and shut down Chris Johnson and it rarely works. Johnson has only really been held in check twice this year. The first against the Steelers and their great defense who held him to just 34 yards, but the second was a bad Denver Broncos defense who held him to just 53 yards. So it can be done.